John Newton on Attendance at Playhouses

John Newton on Attendance at Playhouses

I am well satisfied, that, if there is any practice in this land sinful, attendance on the playhouse is properly and eminently so. The theatres are fountains and means of vice; I had almost said, in the same manner and degree as the ordinances of the gospel are the means of grace. And I hardly think there is a Christian upon the earth who would dare be seen there, if the nature and effects of the theatre were properly set before him…

Well then may we bid adieu to the perishing pleasures of sin; well may we pity those who can find pleasure in those places and parties where the Lord is shut out; where his name is only mentioned to be profaned; where his commandments are not only broken, but insulted; where sinners proclaim their shame as in Sodom, and attempt not to hide it; where, at best, wickedness is wrapped up in a disguise of delicacy to make it more insinuating; and nothing is offensive that is not grossly and unpolitely indecent.

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