Flaming Ideas

Flaming Ideas

I miss teaching. Getting up on school days with nowhere to go has been very hard over the past few months. But more than that, I miss what I was teaching – the Biblical, Reformed view of Scripture, Doctrine, and History to teenagers who especially need this, as many of them prepare for college and all of them prepare for life. In a world where there are people who actually think they can change the DNA of their bodies by either imagining it or by surgery, we need people who can address that issue, and others, without compromising their Christian beliefs, but who can also show the compassion and love of Jesus Christ in the process. That’s what I miss.

I’ve been reading through Francis Schaeffer’s True Spirituality again, after having read it first about thirty years ago. It still holds up, as does most of what Schaeffer wrote. In addressing how salvation affects our lives, our thinking, and our thought lives, Schaeffer has this to say:

The preaching of the gospel is ideas, flaming ideas brought to men, as God has revealed them to us in Scripture. It is not a content-less experience internally received, but it is content-full ideas internally acted upon that makes the difference. So when we state our doctrines, they must be ideas, and not just phrases. We cannot use doctrines as though they were pieces to a puzzle. True doctrine is an idea revealed by God in the Bible and an idea that fits properly into the external world as it is, and as God made it, and to man as he is, as God made him, and can be fed back through man’s body into his thought-world and there acted upon. The battle for people is centrally in the world of thought.

This is what I was trying to accomplish in my teaching. This was why I got up every day. It was a great privilege and joy to be able to do this, however imperfectly, for seventeen years. This is why it’s so encouraging to read Francis Schaeffer and others like him – they’ve been through the battles, too, and they held firm.

We’ve got flaming ideas from God to share with people for His glory and their help! It’s just a shame that others, who should know better, don’t always see this or hold steady.

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