What would you do with $20,000,000?

To some people, $20,000,000 isn’t much, but to me, it is. In fact, I think I could make out pretty well with 20 mil. Just the interest would be enough get along nicely. And if you didn’t need it, think of all the people you could help.

But then again, there are others that seem to think that this amount of money can be casually tossed aside like the ashes off the end of one of Barack Obama’s cigarettes – meet the United Methodist Church. Just when you think they couldn’t sink any lower, they amaze you with how low they can go. That’s right, $20,000,000 on a lame ad campaign.

This is the best these liberals can come up with. While they decry the greed of those nasty Republicans who won’t give everyone health care, they take perfectly good money and throw it away. Maybe they should have spent that money to combat hypocrisy?

Well, I guess there really might be people who would be impressed with What if Church was a Verb? and would then decide to visit a UM church, but this nice package of nothing will do nothing to stop the UMC from losing more members and falling even further away from the truth. And the clueless leaders of the UMC still won’t get it because they have rejected Jesus Christ as the atonement for their sins.

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